Infinity Engine Enhanced Editions - The Road to 2.6

For a while now, Beamdog has been working on a big engine update for their Infinity Engine Enhanced Editions, as well as the Siege of Dragonspear expansion for Baldur’s Gate. This update is set to improve pathfinding and multiplayer stability, move the games to 64-bit executables, fix a huge heap of bugs and issues, and more.

And according to this Steam announcement, this big patch can now be sampled on the Beta branch and should soon be ready for release. Here are some general highlights and you take things from there:

2.6 Patch Highlights
  • Changed to 64 bit executables; 32 bit operating systems are no longer supported
  • Hundreds of bug fixes including many spell fixes
  • Improved pathfinding
  • Improved multiplayer stability
  • Added Adventurers of Neverwinter content to all games
  • Added French text localization to Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition
Multi-game Fixes
  • The inn screen was not centered, resulting in a large gap at the bottom of the screen. [BGEE]
  • Dialogue choices could be cut off for large dialogue blocks. [BGEE]
  • You can now disable item comparison.
  • Text input areas will now have the cursor active in them, allowing for typing input directly without having to click first.
  • On character records, club proficiency will no longer appear below weapon style proficiencies.
  • To-hit and damage bonuses from Aid were not being shown on the inventory screen.
  • Fixed an issue with Advanced AI failing on character imports.
  • Fixed a few display issues with Limited Wish. [BG2EE, IWDEE]
  • Fixed an issue preventing Belt from moving to the next floor in the tutorial. [BGEE, BG2EE]
  • Fixed an incorrect icon and damage for Brown Bear Polymorph. [BGEE, BG2EE]