King’s Bounty II Previews

1C Entertainment’s King’s Bounty II will be taking the long-running series in a new, more cinematic and realistic-looking direction. And if you’d like to learn how this latest attempt at revitalizing the venerable franchise is shaping up, you may want to check out the previews below:


Is King’s Bounty II too ambitious for its own good? Perhaps. The game isn’t going to replace The Witcher or Dragon Age any time soon, and yet, I could see its solid strategic combat, morality system, and unique army management attracting an audience. Will that audience be large enough to justify 1C Entertainment’s investment (over 135 people are working on the game)? That remains to be seen. I’m willing to give King’s Bounty II a chance, but I’m not quite ready to declare it a proper heir to the throne yet.


Our first good look at King’s Bounty II revealed a promising turn-based strategy game that sticks to what made its predecessors so fun to play while also adopting more modern elements.

Traversing the world in third-person and jumping into cinematic cutscenes at important points during quests is a welcome addition. It has the potential to flesh out the world and story in a way that previous games didn’t quite manage to, especially if the developer irons out the technical kinks present in the demo.