Bob Alberti Interview - Matt Chat

Matt Barton is joined by Bob Alberti for the latest episode of his Matt Chat show. As a result, the episode revolves around the history of multiplayer games and computer networks in general, seeing how Alberti had a hand in designing Scepter of Goth, an early MUD that inspired quite a few notable MMORPGs, and worked on the Gopher protocol that served as an alternative to the World Wide Web in its early stages.

Have a look:

MMO and internet pioneer Bob Alberti is here to talk about some of the first-ever online games, including Scepter of Goth. Before WOW, before EQ, before UO, before British Legends, there was Scepter of Goth. You don't hear enough about this game and it hasn't gotten the attention it deserves for its historical importance. Bob was also a key figure on the Gopher team, which was a critically important step in the development of the internet and a very interesting story.