GRAVEN Revealed, Coming to Steam in 2021

Developed by Slipgate Ironworks and published by 3D Realms together with 1C Entertainment, GRAVEN is a puzzle-rich adventure with RPG elements designed as an old-school FPS. Positioned as a spiritual successor to Hexen, GRAVEN will put you in the shoes of a priest with a holy mission, a magic staff, and an impressive arsenal of upgradable spells and weapons.

Unlike your typical shooter, GRAVEN will feature three relatively open expansive areas, peaceful NPC hubs, quests, and complex puzzles. And while it doesn’t have a proper release date at the moment, it should be coming to Steam sometime in 2021.

Here’s the official reveal trailer:

A developer-narrated gameplay trailer:

And half an hour of pure gameplay:

And here’s the game’s official description:

A faithful priest of the Orthogonal order, exiled unto death for a crime in defense of another, you live again in a small boat, adrift in a swamp. A stranger ferries you to solid ground and bestows upon you vague instructions, along with a mysterious staff and book. Go forth, pious priest, alleviate suffering, uncover deceptions, and smash the eldritch perversions encroaching upon reality itself.

A marriage between modern development tools and techniques with a stark late 90s aesthetic bring the action first person puzzler GRAVEN to life, featuring character designs by Chuck Jones (Duke Nukem 3d, Half-Life) and the voice talent of Stephan Weyte (Blood, Fire Emblem, Dusk) in a dark yet distinct medieval fantasy experience.

  • Solve puzzles and scour lore to uncover the motives of the foul heretical sects behind the plagues and seasons undermining the land.
  • Alter your environment with all that surrounds you, wielding spells and crystals to adjust as you see fit in your pursuit.
  • Discover new weapons and upgrade them at blacksmiths and alchemists to customize your capability.
  • Expand your horizons by returning to old stomping grounds with new abilities and seeing how far down the chasms go.
  • Slay over thirty distinct enemies in an ever broadening world across numerous biomes.
  • Walk the parallel path, lest you stumble into the recesses of the world, where the fog knows no light, and creatures beyond time roam free.
  • Earn your peace.