GB Feature: The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet of Chaos Review

In our latest three-page review, we've taken a closer look at Dear Villagers and Artefacts Studio's party-based RPG that combines turn-based tactical combat with light-hearted comedy. A sampling to get you started:
For such a zany, light-hearted title, the game boasts a fairly impressive turn-based combat system. In fact, even if you absolutely can’t stand all the jokes, you might still enjoy this title purely thanks to its combat. True, it can’t quite match the great encounter design and variety of Blackguards or the tense pacing and resource scarcity of Dungeon Rats, but it can at the very least be mentioned in the same ballpark as those games.

And while on the surface it looks like your standard 2 Action Points, cover-based experience, there’s a good deal of creative mechanics and unique solutions to common design questions here.