Solasta: Crown of the Magister PAX Q&A Recap

Earlier this month, there was a Discord Q&A for Tactical Adventures’ upcoming CRPG Solasta: Crown of the Magister. And if you’d like a not so quick recap of everything that’s been shared there, you can now check out this article on the game’s website. The questions primarily revolve around the game’s upcoming early access launch, its feature list, gameplay, and lore.

Here’s an excerpt to give you an idea of what to expect:

Q: Will some side quests have a similar structure, offering different outcomes and affecting other side quests in turn, even possibility new side quests that only become available by certain past actions/choices?

A: Some side quests may be locked if your reputation with certain factions is too low, but I don't believe there are quests that are locked if you answered A rather than B in a previous quest for instance (unless that put you in a very bad spot with said faction).

Q: Are all quests timed?

A: No, quests are not timed. We wanted to avoid putting that pressure on the player.

Q: Is any of the content "gated" by class choice or race choice? Corollary: Is any content gated by the choices we make in dialogue or other quest-based decisions?

A: Class / Races may unlock you special dialog options in certain cutscenes, however I don't believe they are blockers per se. Content may be gated if you get on the bad side of some factions however, as they will stop giving you quests.

Q: In world map travelling system are present horse or caravan or other stuff to change the pace or the risk to encounter bandit or monster ?

A: As far as I know you won't be getting horses or caravans, but according to the ruleset you have 3 different travel speed (with different bonus / penalties).

Q: Is it possible to explore all the content in one playthrough, or will there be mutually exclusive options (faction-related storylines for instance)?

A: I think it should be possible to explore all the content as far as quests go, but you will be missing dialogs / lines of course depending on what you select during your playthrough.

Oh, and background quests of course. Since you can only choose 4 out of the 8 existing ones.