Solasta: Crown of the Magister Update - Onwards, Towards Early Access

Now that we know that Solasta: Crown of the Magister will be coming to Steam Early Access on October 20, 2020, we get this development update that reminds us of this fact, announces a Discord AMA, and shows off some work in progress art. The update also promises a recap of the AMA, but the links are all sorts of messed up and it doesn’t look to be up just yet anyway.

So, here’s a quick excerpt from the update instead:

Hey there folks,

Now that you all have a date to look forward to, it's time for us to dash towards the first checkpoint (the final goal being v1.0 release in 2021 of course). Early Access has been announced, and we're here to deliver! We've been hard at work creating Solasta: Crown of the Magister's campaign, but we've also been working out the issues from our Kickstarter Demo days - camera, facial animations, bugs and quality of life galore. And of course, we'll continue to do so all throughout our Early Access[...]

Solasta coming to Steam Early Access October 20th 2020!

To all of you out there who rolled 1 in Intelligence (Investigation), you may want to know that Solasta is coming to Steam Early Access on October 20th 2020 (that's a bit more than one month). As a reminder, every Kickstarter Backer whose rewards included the game (Tier $18 and above) will receive an Early Access Key, and non-backers will finally be able to buy the game as well!

Ask Us Anything on Discord - Thursday September 17th!

As Early Access is coming right around the corner, we'll be hosting an AMA on our official Discord server on Thursday!

Starting at 5 am PDT / 8 am EDT / 2 pm CEST, I will be online (with the rest of the team not so far away) for a few hours to answer any question you may have on Discord. Not there during those hours? Worry not, the AMA Channel will be open for the rest of the day so ask away and we'll pick back up the next morning! In order to avoid missing out on the information that will be shared, I will be compiling the questions & answers in a separate channel where only devs can talk.

Once the AMA is over, I will also be putting up a recap in our Forums so that those who couldn't make it don't miss out on some juicy tidbits! Don't be shy, drop by and say hello^^