The Lord of the Rings Online - War of the Three Peaks Expansion Pack Announced

War of the Three Peaks is a new “mini expansion pack” coming to Standing Stone Games’ long-running MMORPG The Lord of the Rings Online sometime in October. Not a whole lot is known about it at the moment, but this post on the official forums lets us know that War of the Three Peaks will be priced between $20 and $99 and feature a new raid, some new gear, and ridable boars.

We also get this teaser trailer:

Some additional details:

Cordovan just announced a new mini expansion pack. It's called "War of the three peaks" and it will be available in October for 20$ (Normal Edition), 59$ (Collector's Edition) and 99$ (Ultimate Edition).

Infos so far:
  • It is NOT replacing the upcoming Gundabad Expansion which is planned for 2021. The firt beta round will start next week
  • There will be NO level cap increase
  • We will have boar mounts
  • A new raid is coming
  • We will see new raid gear
  • You can see the first teaser trailer here (but there was a problem with the stream so there is lag):