Gamedec Previews

Anshar Studios aims to launch their cyberpunk detective RPG Gamedec later this year. Ahead of this eventual release, the game will be showcased during the online version of PAX that will be kicking off shortly. But in the meantime, we can check out a couple of previews for this investigation-focused title. Both of them, unsurprisingly, liken Gamedec to ZA/UM Studio’s Disco Elysium. Have a look:

PC Gamer:

While it has superficial similarities to Disco Elysium, the writing is plain rather than poetic, and sometimes grammatically clumsy. It's suddenly on point, however, when the topic is gaming. My shabby detective has a collection of expensive spaceships he can't afford in an unfinished game called Void Stars, and when I unearth the king of the online trolls he sends me on a parody of fetch quests. When Gamedec is about games, suddenly the writing becomes arch and pointed, benefiting from familiarity. Part of the investigation involves figuring out whether a hack inserted in this gameworld is based on exploiting an existing bug or running an external cheat program, a detail I can't imagine mattering if this were a TV show rather than a game.

Adventure Gamers:

After the few hours I spent with Gamedec’s pre-alpha demo, I’m excited to see the final product, which is expected to release sometime later this year. As with Disco Elysium, it is a game that both RPG fans and even strict adventure game enthusiasts can enjoy, as the point-and-click controls should make it easy to get the hang of investigating as a game detective. Here’s hoping this atmospheric cyberpunk mystery lives up to its obvious potential.