The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon DLC Reviews

Following the recent launch of the Peril on Gorgon DLC for Obsidian's The Outer Worlds we can now check out a number of reviews for this new bit of extra content. The gist of it seems to be that the DLC doesn’t stray too far from the base game, but the new quest chain it offers is pretty decent.

IGN 7/10:

The Outer Worlds’ Peril on Gorgon DLC is mechanically unambitious in that it doesn’t introduce any new ideas to change up gameplay, but it does take the crew of the Unreliable to several new locations around the Hyperion system as it unveils a fairly lengthy and entertaining detective story.

PC Gamer Scoreless:

Peril on Gorgon is a good quest chain, if a little conservative. If you've played The Outer Worlds, you'll know exactly what to expect. Shooting, looting, accessing terminals, and occasionally talking (or bribing) your way out of trouble. I enjoyed it overall, but I wish the tone was more consistent. It has elements of film noir, horror, and adventure serials, but it never really leans that hard into any of them. If you've finished The Outer Worlds and want more of the same, you're in for a treat. But if you bounced off the base game, this DLC won't be enough to change your mind. And honestly, that's exactly what I expected.

WCCFTech 7/10:

Peril on Gorgon, the first DLC released for The Outer Worlds, maintains all of the pros and cons we've already seen in the base game. The plot is intriguing while the characters remain the true highlight, but combat is a bit lackluster and optimization underwhelming.

RPG Site 6/10:

Peril on Gorgon is largely more of the same as what's found in the original game, with a bit more of a focus on exploration than questing. It's a fine addition for those who just can't get enough, but I feel it is not enticing enough on its own to spend $15 to revisit the game if you already completed The Outer Worlds months ago.

Screen Rant 3/5:

Players who are looking for more The Outer Worlds will likely be happy with Peril on Gorgon, but people who were hoping for something as dramatic and deadly as Fallout: New Vegas' DLC offerings like Dead Money or Lonesome Road may be left wanting. It's a great addition to a quality title, but it's not different enough to justify the separation from the main game's story, and overall Peril on Gorgon feels more like a side quest which could have been easily included in the original version of The Outer Worlds rather than costing players an extra $14.99 USD.

PC Invasion 8/10:

Although battling endless hordes of hyped-up marauders can grow tiresome, Peril on Gorgon adds a welcome depth to the narrative with plenty of humor wrapped in a sci-fi film-noir mystery.