World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Release Date Announced, Afterlives: Bastion Cinematic

Shadowlands, the latest World of Warcraft expansion, is set to go live on October 27, 2020. This expansion will let you explore Azeroth’s afterlife, meet a bunch of old friends and foes, learn some new things about the world’s lore and the origins of the Lich King, and more. And in the process, it's going to squish the level cap down to 60, thus moving away from ridiculously high numbers.

Here’s the official release date trailer:

In order to share some backstory for Shadowlands, Blizzard will be producing a series of promotional cinematics, and the first of those - Afterlives: Bastion - is already here. Check it out:

Go beyond the veil with our new four-part animated shorts, Afterlives, offering you a window into the ancient and powerful Covenants that rule over the four new zones in Shadowlands.

Uther the Lightbringer, Paladin of the Silver Hand, met an untimely demise ... but his service is not done. When he passes into the afterlife, Devos – a Paragon of Bastion – takes Uther under her wing, only to learn that some mortal wounds run deeper than she could imagine.