Wasteland 3 - Character Customization Overview

With Wasteland 3 set to go live in just a couple of days, on August 28, 2020, we get this Xbox Wire article that walks us through the game’s character creation process and shares some useful tips for inXile’s upcoming post-apocalyptic RPG. Here’s a couple of sample paragraphs:

Next, you’ll allocate points into Skills, where things can get a bit overwhelming. That’s ok! Know that you only have four points to spend here and you’re probably never going to max them all out, so focus on three or four skills per character that are likely to meet your play and personality style. Generally, the only good time to overlap is with First Aid, or if you really want multiple characters to specialize in the same weapon types. And do *not* forget social skills, even Level 1 skills have value early on. As far as things like Toaster Repair, know that everything has value… eventually.

Finally, you can choose a Quirk – these are optional, but super interesting. Think of it as a step forward/step back. A good example is Sadomasochist – you deal 33% more melee or ranged damage… but also receive 33% more damage for that “glass cannon” feel. Unlike skills and attributes, once you choose a Quirk, you’re stuck with it. Of these Faustian bargains, “Waste Roamer” seems like the best deal, granting 100% resistance to a wide variety of nasty conditions at the expense of 15% less experience- especially when paired with the Bookworm background which nullifies a third of that penalty. Or for pure entertainment value, consider selecting Mime – their character will behave like a mime, including pantomiming all their weapons for the whole game!