Dark Sun: Shattered Lands Retrospective

The latest episode of Matt Barton’s Matt Chat show eschews the regular interview format in favor of a long-form retrospective dedicated to SSI’s lesser-known CRPG Dark Sun: Shattered Lands. If you’d like to learn more about this game, its Dark Sun setting, and see roughly three hours of old-school RPG gameplay, you should check this video out:

This is an abridged version of my retrospective of SSI's Dark Sun: Shattered Land, an excellent CRPG that attempted to revamp the venerable Gold Box engine for the VGA era. Is it perfect? Nah. Is it easy? Oh, heck no. Is it fun? You betcha! Watch the video to learn about the game's history and then follow me and try not to laugh too much as I try to make it through the first chapter!