State of Decay 2 - Green Zone Update Available

Undead Labs’ zombie survival RPG State of Decay 2 was recently expanded with a new game mode. Entitled Green Zone, this mode offers an easier experience for those in the mood to simply relax and slay some zombies. This new game mode is accompanied by a new Plunder Pack and a number of assorted fixes and improvements.

Here’s a developer diary with some additional information:

And some quick update highlights:

We hope you enjoyed celebrating the two-year anniversary of State of Decay 2 with us last month. You might think that after a party like that – not to mention the release of the mighty Juggernaut Edition just a few months ago – that the entire dev team might opt to just sleep in... but NOPE! Instead we’re back with another exciting content update!

This month we’re debuting a BIG new feature designed for players looking for a slightly calmer post-apocalyptic experience. We’re calling it the Green Zone, and you can read all about it a little later. In case that’s not your bag, you should also check out the Plunder Pack — a new array of pirate-themed weapons and outfits available ONLY from the Bounty Broker!

And of course, we have our traditional set of gameplay improvements and bug fixes. Here are some highlights:
  • Increased fuel capacity for all vehicles
  • Increased resource storage for all bases
  • Easier-to-find containers in secured buildings
  • Improved follower behaviors against juggernauts and plague hearts
  • Tabs on the inventory screen to ease navigation
Welcome to the Green Zone!

We’ve added a new difficulty level to State of Decay 2! Think of the Green Zone as a more relaxed, accessible apocalypse, designed for all those gamers who’d like to explore what’s possible in State of Decay 2 without enduring quite so much stress.

Here are some of the key differences you’ll find in a Green Zone:
  • Enemies deal less damage
  • Your Stamina lasts longer in a fight
  • Freak zombies are much rarer
  • Crafting items and building facilities is cheaper
  • Rucksacks provide more resources
  • Scavenging delivers more weapons and skill books
You can try out the Green Zone by starting a new community and choosing Green Zone at the difficulty picker. You can also move an existing community to a Green Zone map by opening the Difficulty Screen and selecting “Green Zone.”

It’s a Pirate’s Life for You

Inspired by our friends at Rare (creators of the exciting pirate game SEA OF THIEVES), we’re expanding our buccaneering options with the new Plunder Pack!

This pack adds four weapons, two outfits, two hats, and one seriously sexy vehicle to the game. All nine of these wonderful items are available by completing bounties for the Bounty Broker.
  • Sea Dog Blunderbuss: Some call this short-range shotgun-style weapon the original horde stopper.
  • Spyglass Rifle: With a .50 caliber rifle like this elegant beauty, you can brave the darkest waters without need for a bigger boat.
  • Dead Man’s Cutlass: This marvelous bladed weapon is just what you need to take arms against a sea of thieves. I mean troubles.
  • Bilge Rat Shovel: It may not look like much, but this handy blunt weapon has plenty of “digging” left in it yet.
  • Buccaneer Bandanna: This handy piece of headgear bears the insignia of the mysterious Order of Souls!
  • Naval Tricorne: It’s the hat that plundered a thousand ships.
  • Pirate Jacket: This tattered coat has seen more than its share of pillaging.
  • Kraken Hoodie: Terrifying monsters inspire the most attractive outfits.
  • Megalodon: A gorgeous muscle car modeled after the legendary marine predator.
What’s Coming and Going

The addition of the Plunder Pack means it’s time to say goodbye (at least for now) to the Trumbull Valley Pack. Remember that you keep anything you already own, but you can’t acquire more items from retired packs.

Our next update, in July, will feature the first return of a retired pack! The weapons of the World War 2 Pack (last seen in January of this year) will once again be available in the game. Most returning weapons will be available as loot, and the pack also includes new weapons and outfits that you can unlock by completing bounties. To make room, the Bundle Up Pack will be retired at that time.

Garden Gnome Contest

The winners of our Garden Gnome contest have had their nicknames added into the random name generator as of this update. Congratulations to all of our winners! (These nicknames are very rare, though, so we do not recommend sitting on the character-generation screen trying to make them happen.)