Wasteland 3 - An Overview of Co-op Features

InXile Entertainment’s post-apocalyptic RPG Wasteland 3 is going to feature a robust co-op mode that will let you play through the game together with a friend. And if you’d like to know how a co-op playthrough of Wasteland 3 will work, you should check out this recent Game Informer feature presented as an interview with the game's director Tim Campbell. An excerpt:

How can you split up your party of rangers?

In single-player, you control a party of up to six rangers. In multiplayer, you and your friend still manage a party of up to six, but you can divide control of those heroes however you like. For example, you could divide your heroes evenly, or have one player control a smaller group if that’s their thing.

“As long as you're within the same level, you can separate and do different things,” Campbell says. “One person can get into a fight while the other person is shopping at a merchant. It's a nice, convenient way to play. We've put a lot of work into that basic concept of making it fun for two people to control these parties. We have turned-based combat, so as soon as one person is in combat, the other player has to be able to merge into that combat when they get near. It sounds like a simple concept, but there's a lot of details that have to be worked out.”


What about crossplay? Can you play Wasteland 3 with other players on different systems?

Unfortunately, no. Wasteland 3 doesn’t support crossplay between platforms. However, players who buy the game through different stores on PC will be able to play together. For example, if you own the game through Steam and your friend buys a copy through GOG, you’ll still be able to play together as long as you both own the game on PC.