Starpoint Gemini 3 - Update 0.700 Live

The developers over at Little Green Men Games have put together a new early access update for their space RPG Starpoint Gemini 3. The update expands the game’s free roam features, adds a new space sector, improves the game’s loot, crafting, mining, and more. You can find the complete patch notes below, along with a general overview of the update:


We hope to find you all good and healthy! In these challenging times, and on the brink of summer, we're determined to give you, good gaming girls and guys, some good stuff to play with in the upcoming weeks. Our Early Access continues, and time is right for yet another update!

This update also targets general gameplay and freeroam features. Some of the added things are also here to lay a further foundation for introduction of player-controlled capital ships, others are focused on expanding the remaining maps and a more eventful universe.

Full changelog will be listed below as usual, but highlights are the addition of the new Jupiter sector in SOL system, a new Templar freeroam mode, updates in crafting and loot drops, new mining options etc...

Some of you will also recognize several additions/tweaks of previously existing features, and if they are familiar, yes, it's because they are based on a number of suggested and commented things on the Steam community hub. We are monitoring everything you say, and we try to answer everybody as soon as possible. And if you do have an idea that can work better than what we envisioned; we'll be happy to adopt it.

We're still a few months away from completing our primary list of planned game elements, so you can expect some major updates in the future, including remaining „big“ features that will have a huge impact on overall gameplay. Until then, enjoy the start of summer, relax if you can, and above all, keep yourself safe and happy!

Full changelog for this update is here:

List of changes is next:

  • ADDED: Entire new Starchart map – Jupiter sector in SOL system
  • ADDED: New Templar freeroam start
  • ADDED: Item prices are now also added to inventory menu
  • ADDED: New Rich Junk nodes for mining
  • ADDED: New Gas pocket Rich nodes for extracting
  • ADDED: „Continue“ button in main menu that loads the last save
  • ADDED: New system for discovering nebulas and asteroid fields, and for tracking already discovered ones
  • ADDED: Hunter missile impact drops player from cruise mode and triggers engine malfunction
  • ADDED: Using exit game option now has another required prompt, preventing player from accidental mis-click
  • ADDED: Starchart hints for nebulas and asteroid fields
  • ADDED: Security ships near major stations
  • ADDED: Containers with ore that can be looted are placed within asteroid fields or refineries
  • ADDED: Useable docking points on stations for NPC ships
  • ADDED: Templar outpost object
  • ADDED: New blueprints in Jupiter sector
  • ADDED: New locations for Outlaws ambushes
  • ADDED: Multiple new locations markers on Starchart
  • UPDATED: Loot drop scripts to better specify type, amount and origin of drops
  • UPDATED: Starchart snap now better targets visible markers
  • UPDATED: Security patrols have updated paths and patrol routes
  • UPDATED: Berzerker ship now has added rear weapon turret
  • UPDATED: Multiops Legion ship has upgraded firing arcs
  • UPDATED: Sector Iolia has upgraded ambient and nebulas
  • UPDATED: Target lock from waypoint to object now automatically switches when needed
  • UPDATED: Notification sounds for switching missiles type in mid flight
  • UPDATED: Radiation nebula system revamped, ambient, textures, noise effect, damage distance
  • UPDATED: Saving data on blueprints, derelicts and anomalies to player save file
  • UPDATED: Radiation damage indicator reworked to be more user friendly
  • UPDATED: Radiation anomaly deals damage gradually, giving player time to finish scan
  • UPDATED: Radiation nebulas are now green on Starchart, and display realistic size
  • UPDATED: Radiation nebulas now have added correct parameters
  • UPDATED: Distances between nebulas
  • UPDATED: Loot drops for all NPC ships are reworked
  • UPDATED: Loot drops from anomalies reworked
  • UPDATED: Anomalies don't give credits as loot anymore
  • UPDATED: General Drake station has new items inventory
  • UPDATED: Outposts all over the maps now have correct names
  • UPDATED: Localizations for several languages are improved and expanded
  • FIXED: Asteroids will now be normally destroyed, regardless of current camera position
  • FIXED: Nebula appears normally, regardless of current camera position
  • FIXED: Decals in ship customization panel now displays in all selected colors
  • FIXED: Nebulas are now displayed correctly on Starchart, both in position and size
  • FIXED: Post effect in in-game menu are now displayed correctly
  • FIXED: Encounter quest cannot be spawned inside a planet anymore
  • FIXED: All asteroid types and asteroid fields now have correct loot drops
  • FIXED: Upon undock, all dockable objects will now display correct object names
  • FIXED: All outposts now have correct inventory lists
  • FIXED: All junkyards are now correctly marked on Starchart
Fly safe and stay safe!
LGM Games