Torchlight III State of the Game - Week 1

Following Torchlight III’s recent early access release, we get a quick update that goes over the game’s somewhat troubled launch, the team’s subsequent efforts to fix things, and their plans for the nearest future. Then, the update lists a number of issues the developers are currently working on. The list goes on for quite a while, so here’s just the intro to get you started:

Hello Torchlight adventurers,

Every launch of an online game brings with it the certainty that everything that could go wrong, will. And Torchlight III didn't disappoint! The crowds streaming in had the predictable effect of overwhelming our servers and exposing the breaking points that our Beta didn't touch. But, 36 hours of the heroic effort by our server team restored order and thousands of players are now finding loot and vanquishing monsters left and right. Even though we're in Early Access, where the whole purpose is testing and fixing, we fully understand players' frustration when they can't play. But, thankfully, we quickly regained our footing and can now do what we are really here for - listening to our players and steering the remaining months of development according to their feedback, desires, and fixing the bugs they find. Going forward, in the coming weeks and months we will be adding our third act, our contracts and fame systems, and our all-new unannounced end game experience. We hope the players enjoy the journey with us, and we thank them for their support and their valued feedback.