Wasteland 3 Developer Diary - Player Choice Matters

With Wasteland 3 set to go live on August 28, 2020, inXile Entertainment has decided to join forces with IGN in order to produce a series of video developer diaries highlighting the key features of this upcoming post-apocalyptic RPG. The first episode of this series is now live. In it, Wasteland 3’s lead designer David Rogers talks about the game’s character creation, customization, and combat.

On top of introducing some of the game’s basic systems, he mentions a few of the more curious features, most notably the so-called Quirks that will act essentially like Fallout’s Traits, the melee combo system, and the character duos feature that will allow you to play as a pre-made character combo that will add some flavor to your playthrough and have a number of unique interactions throughout the game.

Check it out: