Dungeons & Dragons Online - Update 46 Live

The latest content update for Standing Stone Games’ Dungeons & Dragons Online expands the D&D-themed MMORPG with a new adventure pack and follows that up with a good deal of miscellaneous fixes and improvements. Check out the link above for the complete patch notes, but here’s how you can get to the new adventure and some sample notes:

Of Special Note:

The Lost Gatekeepers

Update 46 brings a new adventure pack to the game! The Gatekeepers have established a new grove outside Stormreach, and some of the recently recruited initiates have gone missing. Throughout the five quests, clues will be found and followed to help rescue these would-be guardians of Eberron. The Lost Gatekeepers quest pack is level 3 on Heroic difficulty and level 32 on Legendary difficulty. The NPC for this quest can be found in the Gatekeeper's Grove, which is located in The Harbor in Eberron. The Lost Gatekeepers is free to VIPs and will eventually be available in the DDO Store. Currently, all adventure packs and expansion content is available for players to play for free.

News and Notes:

  • Druid - Ghost pack will no longer make players in wolf form untargetable to other players
  • Paladins no longer gain the benefits of T4 Vigor of Life without training the enhancement first.
  • Paladin: Righteous Command now requires level 2 paladin spell components.
  • Sanctified Vial works with the described level prerequisites.
  • Divine characters with Beloved of the Divine and wielding an Exotic Favored Weapon were getting +3 to hit and damage when they should have gotten +1. This has been corrected.
  • Divine characters with Beloved of the Divine and wielding a Simple Favored Weapon were getting +1 to hit and damage when they should have gotten +3. This has been corrected.
  • Sinister Chill now applies more reliably on Poison spells
  • Fixed Typos in the following locations:
    • Druid: Nature's Warrior: Ghost Wolf Pack
    • Cleric: Radiant Servant: Pacifism
    • Max level chat message
  • Two Handed Swords and Club mobile attack animations have been updated cosmetically to be more smooth and impactful. No changes to speed/timing/or hitbox have been made.
  • Corrected typos in the Vistani Knife Training 1 enhancement.
  • Sandstorm Glasses no longer drop with Wrist Mythic Boost, and now properly drop with Goggles Mythic Boost.
  • Bracers of the Demon's Consort no longer drop with Goggles Mythic Boost, and now properly drop with Wrist Mythic Boost.
  • Sentient XP stones are now able to be looted from chests more reliably, and are less likely to get stuck in your inventory.
  • Fixed typos in "Proof Against Poison" item effects.
  • Deprecated items will now automatically be cleaned out of bags.
  • Some items from Keep on the Borderlands have more appropriate material types.
  • Panacea and Angel's Tears potions now properly remove stat damage.
  • The values that display for Quality and Insightful Sheltering items have been corrected for accuracy.
  • Ice Flensers no longer spam Ice Storm as often when not engaged in melee, and their ice spike slippery effect has a smaller radius and better client performance. Ice spikes now also scale their damage with monster level.
  • Mummy Despair now has a functional DC game-wide and applies to all nearby creatures much more consistently.