Starpoint Gemini 3 - Unscheduled Update Live

Little Green Men Games’ space RPG Starpoint Gemini 3 is currently going through early access on Steam, and with the game’s developers working from home, we get this “unscheduled update” that adds some new features and options, while also tweaking a few minor things. Here are the patch notes:

Hello to all of you!

In these troubled times, we hope you're looking after yourself and also after one another. And while we're waiting for „normal“ times to return, our work on Starpoint Gemini 3 continues. Many of you had the chance to spend some more time playing your favourite games, so we also got plenty of your reactions and feedback. Today's update aims to address some of them. It's not yet time for next major milestone, but it is a good time to deploy numerous tweaks, improvements and additions we've been working on for the past few weeks.

We'd also like to thank you all for your responses and posts! They are very helpful during this development process and we encourage you to keep 'em coming!

List of changes is next:

  • ADDED: Game manual is now linked to main game launcher
  • ADDED: Entire new sector to visit, Iolia
  • ADDED: New NPC enemy drone with both appearance and behaviour
  • ADDED: New transport barman quest, with both objectives, quick action and rewards
  • ADDED: Effects linked to completing transport mission
  • ADDED: Several new and reworked graphics options
  • ADDED: Several graphics options are added or reworked
  • UPDATED: Visual effects when firing from intro ship cockpit improved
  • UPDATED: Ship panel within journal panel now has improved functionality, lists and stats
  • UPDATED: New NPC chatters linked to specific events
  • FIXED: When player dies, camera is now properly centered on player ship
  • TWEAKED: Boss icon is now visible only when you're in the same sector
  • TWEAKED: Modified journal when using initial intro player ship
  • TWEAKED: Modified planet size displayed on Starchart
That's it for now. Stay safe and healthy, and have a good week!

LGM Games