Gamedec Updates, $92,814 and Counting

With $92,814 already pledged, Anshar Studios’ Kickstarter campaign for their cyberpunk detective RPG Gamedec is steadily trucking along. Update #7 announces Anshar Studios’ new partnership with Displate, a company that specializes in manufacturing metal posters. Update #8 reveals a new stretch goal - an additional virtual world based on Fool's Theory and IMGN.PRO’s stealth-action RPG Seven: The Days Long Gone. And update #9 shares a Gamedec-themed coloring book and announces a community contest and some additional reward tiers.

A few paragraphs about the contest:

Hi There, we're not stopping, and now we are rolling out another update!

Our first announcement is the release of the OFFICIAL GAMEDEC COLORING BOOK!

Since some of us are currently sitting at home (because of the quarantines all over the world), we present to you something special we've made to cheer you up and give you something to relax and get creative!

Behold! The official Gamedec Coloring book!

You can print the content and color it the way you like it! Some of those designs are the locations from the game or pieces of concept arts. Paint them in a way that suits your style best.

Also, It's time to present to you the first Gamedec Community Contest!

The rules are simple – download and print the coloring book, and paint one of the pictures the best you can, then post them in the 🎨-community-creations channel on our Discord server. If you don’t have a printer or prefer to do it digitally – we are still interested in what the outcome will be. Like our game – we won’t judge, every art is worthy enough to be submitted to the contest. Every technique is allowed.

Our judges will select five best arts, and the winners will be included in the "Hall of Fame" section in our OFFICIAL ARTBOOK! That’s right! We’re giving our community a space to boast. That’s not an April Fool’s joke. If you’re a backer and your pledge does not include the physical artbook – we will provide one for you so that you can put it on a shelf in the honorable place [or post it on social media ;)]