Warhammer: Chaosbane - The Forges Update Live

The Forges is the latest content update for Eko Software and Bigben Interactive’s hack ‘n’ slash action-RPG Warhammer: Chaosbane. It expands the game with a new act and introduces the Dwarf Engineer Keela Gunnarsdottir to the character roster. The update also adds some new enemies, fixes a few miscellaneous issues and rebalances a number of systems.

Here’s a trailer that showcases the new character:

And some update highlights:

The firm grip of Chaos holds sway over the Old World, as the battle rages on, a new hero emerges, Keela, the dwarf engineer joins the roster of heroes with this update. She's a feisty brawler who excels in close to mid-range combat, using her hammer and pistol to decimate through the Chaos hordes. As a talented mechanic, she uses her contraptions to turn the tides, and her archetype ability will have you managing a heat gauge to make sure she's delivering out maximum punishment. Some might say, it's hammer time!

Speaking of hammers, the Forges are open! Heinrich Falke, the Gunnery Master of the Imperial Gunnery school requests the aid of any able-bodied adventurers. The headmaster and senior members of the School have been trapped inside; rumors have it that new monsters are roaming these hallowed halls.

There's a lot going on this patch, so read on below for the full notes:

  • New Character Added
    • Keela Gunnarsdottir – The Dwarf Engineer
  • New Act Added
    • The Forges Of Nuln
  • New Enemies Added
    • Chaman Gor: Elite Chaos Undivided monster using magic, creating healing zones and raging upon encroaching death
    • Minotaur: Elite Chaos Undivided monster that charges heroes, smashing the ground and buffing allies
    • Nurgle’s Champion: Nurgle Elite that charges heroes, dealing powerful charged attacks that leaves acid streaks on the ground and which create a poison aura for those who touch them
  • Quests have been added to expeditions
  • 2 New Difficulty Levels (Chaos 9 + 10)
  • Elessa’s combat voiceover has been updated