Disco Elysium - Meet Cuno / Dot Major

In order to promote the ongoing Steam sale of their detective RPG Disco Elysium, ZA/UM Studio brings us a bite-sized trailer that introduces us to the voice actor behind one of the game’s many standout characters - Cuno. And continuing the trend of collaborating with apparently famous musicians who I’ve never heard of, that actor is none other than one Dot Major, a member of London Grammar. Check it out:


Cuno was voiced by the absolutely sublime Dot Major and designed by Aleksander Rostov. Get the game during our accompanying -20% SALE which will last until Monday!

Dot Major @dotmajor - https://www.instagram.com/dotmajor/?hl=en
Aleksander Rostov @rostovjanka - https://www.instagram.com/rostovjanka/?hl=en