System Shock Remastered Edition Interview

Despite hitting some hurdles along the way and even putting the project on hold at one point, Nightdive Studios is determined to deliver a worthy remake for the original System Shock. And if you’d like to learn more about this project’s troubled development and the reasons as to why it’s so important for the team, you should check out this recent Escapist Magazine interview. A few sample paragraphs:

“You start off adding one thing, and that inspires something else, and pretty soon you’ve gone far afield from your original vision,” said Kuperman.

Every new level design, every new weapon, every change in the puzzles — to backers, it was all proof that the game Nightdive was working on wasn’t the game that they had promised — they were working on something else entirely. Eventually, Kick came to the same conclusion and chose to put the project on hiatus in February 2018.

There was no shortage of backers who assumed that this hiatus would mean the end of the project — yet another example of a failed Kickstarter that would run off with the money and leave its backers with nothing. Thankfully, their hiatus really was just that, and Nightdive came back with a new approach.

“It took a little while for us to get back on track and realize that this wasn’t what we had initially envisioned, and it wasn’t what we had promised our backers,” said Kick, “and that’s what ended with us kind of re-evaluating where we were, switching gears, and going back to that original vision.”

That vision meant sticking to the design of the 1994 original as closely as possible.