BattleTech Update 1.9 Live

Earlier this month we learned that BattleTech’s update 1.9 will be its last, and that its release will allow the Harebrained Schemes team to focus on their other projects. Well, this Steam announcement informs us that the update is now live. It mainly adds new mech and vehicle variants, gameplay options, and improves mod support. Here’s what you can expect:

Thank you for playing BATTLETECH! Release 1.9 is now available on Steam, GOG, Humble, and Paradox Plaza. The main areas of improvement are: ‘Mech and vehicle variants, gameplay options, Convoy AI, and mod support.

Release 1.9 Notes, 2/20/2020

‘Mech Variants
  • Trebuchet TBT-7K
  • Grand Dragon DRG-1G
  • Warhammer WHM-7A
  • Marauder MAD-2R
  • Marauder MAD-3D
  • Zeus ZEU-5T
  • Zeus ZEU-6T
  • BattleMaster BLR-1GB
  • BattleMaster BLR-1S
  • Crab CRB-27b
  • Cyclops CP-10-HQ
  • Javelin JVN-10A
  • Raven RVN-3X
  • Cataphract CTF-0X
  • Phoenix Hawk PXH-1b
  • Rifleman RFL-4D
Vehicle Variants
  • Striker Narc
  • Scorpion Mk.II
  • Schrek Snub PPC Carrier
  • Galleon TAG
  • Demolisher LBX
  • Inferno Carrier
  • Arvakr APC
  • Alsvin APC
Gameplay Options
  • Added a Career Mode Difficulty Setting that allows players to reduce Argo upgrade costs
  • Added a Settings option that allows players to speed up the real-world time it takes for an in-game day to pass
  • Added a Settings option to assist those with color blindness allowing them to select alternate LOS lines and indirect fire colors
Mod Support
  • The mod installation folder is now configurable
  • The ModLoader is now patchable
  • Added more Dynamic Enumerations
  • Added more logging and error reporting
  • DLC checks have been added to ModDef
  • The ModLoader is now easier to use
  • Fixed many other mod support related bugs
  • Added several mod support quality of life improvements
Convoy AI
  • Fixed some long-range and short-range pathfinding issues
  • Escort vehicles can now move through the player’s ‘Mechs and each other
  • Killing the entire OpFor now auto-completes escort missions
  • A new ammo tab is now in stores and the ‘Mech Bay
  • Half-ton machine gun ammo is now available
  • +/++ variants of machine guns are now available
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some players from being able to delete their GOG saves
Known Issues (to be fixed asap)
  • The debug console, build number widget, and combat debug options cannot be evoked when using their corresponding shortcut combinations
  • Under certain circumstances the game does not exit cleanly after saving