Starpoint Gemini 3 March Updates Preview

Little Green Men Games’ space RPG Starpoint Gemini 3 is currently going through early access on Steam and by March, it should be entering the beta stage of production. And if you’d like to know what that will mean for the game and its features, you should check out this Steam announcement. Here it is:

Greetings captains!

It is high time to give a glimpse into what's coming next for Starpoint Gemini 3.

During March, we aim to enter the beta stage of production. As before, this doesn't mean we're shutting down all feature additions, but including new additions to the feature list will be limited in scope. So here's a little snippet...

NPC Capital ship mechanics

The first part of the new capital ship mechanics is implemented. This means sub-targeting. You will be able to attack and knock out specific weakpoints on any large vessel, causing massive damage, but also a side-effect as well. This side-effect can be anything from a freightliner dropping some loot when you knock out its storage container, to preventing a battleship from using its weapon turrets. The dilligent crews of these vessels will however be ready to start repairs as soon as they can so don't expect to permanently disable a cruiser's weapons. Where would be the fun in that?

As noted above, this is only the first cap ship segment and it will be used on player-controlled capital ships as well, once they're implemented.

Storyline changes and additions

Following a lot of Your feedback on the forum, we've done a lot of changes (and will do some more before beta and final release) to the main campaign. This includes the texts, voiceovers, character models, animations, cutscenes, missions... Basically everything was at the very least tweaked. We look forward to hearing what you think.


The entire encounter system has gone through a review and partial rebuild. Again, following Your feedback. To make it easier and faster to add variety into the encounter system, our scripters have redone the system almost from the ground up. We realize the current implementation's shortcomings were too significant to just let it slide. You guys deserve better and we'll do whatever we can to deliver.


The first parts of the interface have received a facelift in the previous update. Our work on this hasn't stopped and I'm sure You'll notice quite a few quality-of-life improvements as well as changes that are more on the visual side of the equation.

Game world

New maps are also arriving in beta (and a couple more are coming during beta too). As before, the maps will come as finalized as possible in the current stage of production. As we progress more, the available maps will also be upgraded.

Naturally, each update brings a host of fixes and tweaks, and the beta update will be no different. It is however too early to dump the entire changelog here, so we'll just leave that for when the update actually arrives.

We're looking forward to getting the update out to You!

Safe travels,
LGM Games