Divinity: Original Sin - The Board Game Update #16

Lynnvander Studios, the team behind the upcoming Divinity: Original Sin board game, recently attended PAX South, and so the latest Kickstarter update for the game shares some photos from the expo. It then points us in the direction of the late pledge campaign, discusses pledge management, and more. Here are the text parts:

Hello Everyone!

We're back, and we've a new update for you! After a a much needed winter break, our teams attended PAX South in San Antonio, Texas where we had the chance to showcase the demo version of the game to the public at large. We play-tested the strength of the character creation system over the weekend and had two tables playing two different scenarios. It was great to meet Divinity fans, Kickstarter backers and completely new players; getting their reactions and feedback as we played the game with them. Development and play-testing continues this year and showing it at conventions like PAX South is a perfect way to get fresh perspectives for our team.

We're still finalising some of the stretch goal miniatures, and we'll be doing an update to showcase all the new minis! Take a look sneak look at some of the new visuals! Anyone here a fan of Sir Lora?

At PAX South we also opened up a late pledge store page. If you know of anyone that wanted to partake in this campaign but missed it, they can use this link to late pledge:


The late pledge is part of CrowdOx's platform so all our late pledge's will be able to gain access to the surveys and pledge manager when it launches.

As we get closer to launching the pledge manager we wanted to take some time to help you understand our process. After the campaign ended, we needed to take some time to work through the logistics of all the new stretch goals and extras were were able to add thanks to all of you. We looked at these items in terms of weight, shape and how they were going to fit into the current box design.

Now that we have received all the information we need we are working on a full prototype of the game so that we can make sure we're accurate with weight and box dimensions to properly calculate the shipping costs to you. We are taking our time on this because we want to ensure the most efficient and cost effective shipping rates for you. As soon as our shipping quotes are accurate we'll be launching the pledge manager.

If all goes well, we'll be bringing the pledge manager to you in the coming weeks and we will leave it open for a sufficient amount of time so you can adjust your order accordingly. We estimate the pledge manager and pre-order links to be accessible until June.

For those of you that are looking for more frequent conversation about this game, the team at Lynnvander are streaming three times a week on their channel http://www.youtube.com/LynnvanderStudios where they often answer questions about mechanics, design choices and appearances. You can always access them there and ask them anything. We've compiled some times in the past few weeks of videos where they've talked about the game. Those links are below, feel free to review at your leisure or join them on their next adventure "Designer Diary" TONIGHT!! Just subscribe and watch us