The Waylanders Update #42 - Companion Story & Background

Gato Salvaje Studio introduces us to another companion we’ll have a chance to recruit while playing their Dragon Age-inspired time-travel RPG The Waylanders in the game’s latest Kickstarter update. That companion is a brash one-eyed monster hunter who goes by Mal. Here’s what she’s all about:

Mal is a mid thirties, tough-as-nails butch who loves violence for the sake of violence. Luckily, she has channeled this love into a useful career killing dangerous monsters. She doesn’t talk much, would rather be caught dead than in a dress, and enjoys smelling a little bit like death to keep people from talking to her. If you don’t seem dangerous or interesting, she won’t give you the time of day. The only time she’s seen smiling is when she’s killing something… or licking her knife after doing so.

Mal has a unique special ability. She lost an eye in a fight with a monster a number of years ago, and her husband at the time, a Mourian man, saved her life by pouring gold in her empty eye socket. That gold was imbued with magick. Now, if she puts the eye of a deceased creature or person in that eye socket, she can see how that individual died. Well, mostly. She sees their doom through not just their eyes, but their lens- their feelings at their time of death distort the vision. For example, for people who were murdered, the person or creature who murdered them may appear much more horrifying or monstrous than they are in real life.

If you manage to befriend Mal, she is absolutely ride-or-die. She will defend you and stay by your side no matter what. Mal prefers to keep things casual, but if you romance her, she may prove to be nearly insatiable sexually, and might potentially be down for some rather dangerous kink play.