Unknown Realm: The Siege Perilous Update #36

A few days back, this update for Stirring Dragon Games’ old-school RPG Unknown Realm: The Siege Perilous raised quite a lot of eyebrows among the game’s Kickstarter backers and those curious about this project in general. As such, we now get this follow-up update that clarifies a few things and promises more frequent communication going forward. Check it out:

Hi Everyone,

Laura here, I just wanted to clear up a few misunderstandings stemming from our last update.

- We will continue posting updates on Kickstarter for all backers. Our plan is to try to work with a model similar to Patreon - we'll post updates as usual on Kickstarter for all backers as we have been doing, and recurring supporters will get access to behind-the-scenes video updates as an added perk. We've had backers contact us about setting up a Patreon for over a year so they could give a little extra support, but we didn't want to hassle with yet another platform (or the 12% fees on Patreon), and we already had donations set up on our website for Paypal, so that's what we're doing.

-We have not canceled the C64 version. Our original plan when this campaign was launched was to release all versions concurrently, with physical items shipping out before we released the digital PC version. We worked according to that plan through most of 2017 before realizing that it wasn't going to be feasible. In our November 2017 update, we told our backers we were going to focus on releasing the PC digital version first, followed by the physical versions (including C64). That plan remains unchanged. This is the more conventional way things are done these days. We had hoped to do it differently, and we're still disappointed that we can't give you the whole experience the way we originally envisioned it, which was more comparable to the old-school experience. If we had the means, we would still do it that way. Currently, we are still working towards the PC digital release first, followed by all other versions and physical rewards.

Another update should be coming out later this week (to share the results of our last update), plus one more at the end of the month.

Happy New Year everyone!