The Waylanders Update #41 - New Companion Story and Background

The latest Kickstarter update for Gato Salvaje Studio’s Dragon Age-inspired RPG The Waylanders introduces us to Trasté, a goblin-like creature and one of the game’s NPC companions. If you’d like to learn a few things about Trasté and the mischievous trasno race, you should check the update out. Have a look:

Trasté is a trasno!!! (you call them goblins? Yes, you call them goblins)

Dance, music… pranks…. Mostly pranks tho. :D

You’re different. Neat. Trasté is... intrigued. Trasté likes different.

Especially when different makes people uncomfortable tee hee hee.

Trasté is from Aunes, a coastal city. Many trasnos there. Many fun jokes and much music!!

Youngest of the trasnos, but who knows what that means in your years. Trasnos do not care about time. Time is fake, probably. Unless they’re waiting for a person to… hehe… come across one of their pranks!!

Trasté different too, from other trasnos. Usually trasnos do not care for people problems. Unless people problems are from pranks done by trasno. Trasté care very hard. Trasté wish Trasté was a people.

You changed from one thing into another thing. Maybe you can make Trasté a people?? Worth a try!!!

Trasté does not understand romance and thinks the sex is weird (Why the bits? Why must the bits do the stuff?!?) but Trasté wants to be your close friend super hard.