Starpoint Gemini 3 Update 3 Live

The team over at Little Green Men Games has put together a new early access update for their space RPG Starpoint Gemini 3. Launching right around the holiday season, the update adds a little bit of everything, including new areas, missions, and boss mechanics, in order to give you something new to do over the coming weeks.

Here's a trailer that shows off some of the new stuff:

And here are the patch notes:

Greetings captains!

Just before the holiday craziness kicks in, we've reached the third milestone. That means we're offering, just in time, some fresh new ways to expand your experience of the game and fill any free days you might have coming.

This update looks exactly as a December gift basket is supposed to look – a little bit of something for everyone!

You've already explored the available game areas? Good – now you have new ones to check out, including some pretty familiar planets. Or, you've mastered the combat system and you're unmatched out there? Awesome – Boss mechanics will make sure there is something out there you haven't seen yet and that WILL be an adequate challenge! Also, if you're bored of your everyday bartender – new businesses have opened onboard new stations and planets.

Besides the obvious additions you can't miss, a huge chunk of improvements is a mandatory part of each update – missions, equipment, AI, HUD elements, ADAH companion etc...

Anyways, to avoid spoiling the surprise, here is the entire changelog, and you can unwrap the presents yourself as soon as update is downloaded.

In case you want to take a sneak peek into what's „in the box“, there is a new short gameplay video trailer that speaks a lot more than words[...]

  • ADDED: entire game mechanics for Boss units and Boss fights
  • ADDED: 12 Monkeys Boss with mechanics in Outerlands sector
  • ADDED: Jeepers Creepers Bosses with mechanics in Pyros sector
  • ADDED: new HUD elements and information regarding Boss mechanics
  • ADDED: new Starchart icons and fonts for Boss units
  • ADDED: new SFX and VO elements linked to Boss fights
  • ADDED: new Nexus Android barman
  • ADDED: NavBuoys now have direction lines and destination tags
  • ADDED: Planet Earth sector, with all available options and infrastructure
  • ADDED: Da Vinci space station with all station options
  • ADDED: Delta space station with all station options
  • ADDED: General Drake outpost with all options
  • ADDED: new interiors on added space station
  • ADDED: Outlaws Gunner ship model
  • ADDED: Outlaws Dozer ship model
  • ADDED: Templars Vanguard ship model
  • ADDED: Catapult Ruine model
  • ADDED: various damage resistance icons to display if an NPC is heavily resistant
  • ADDED: NPC shields now have different OnHit visuals, depending on what type of damage they are more resistant to
  • ADDED: visual and audio damage and explosion effects to structures, as their hull drops below certain thresholds
  • ADDED: damage VFX on structures, as its hull drops, is now accompanied by visual and audio explosions
  • ADDED: Completely redesigned, animated loading screen
  • ADDED: in-game loading panel upgraded with new visuals and hints
  • ADDED: all supported languages have translated crafting hints
  • UPDATED: new camera views and movements while controlling the ADAH drone
  • UPDATED: Missiles balance - Player now has a bit more chance to manually dodge an incoming homing missile
  • UPDATED: AI of enemy ships when using equipment items
  • UPDATED: Reputation of the Outlaws faction now calculates other factions reputations as well
  • UPDATED: Keyboard shortcuts and bindings improved
  • UPDATED: further improved controller support and input recognition
  • UPDATED: Critical system failure types and triggering points improved
  • UPDATED: ammo storage CSF has new mechanics
  • UPDATED: NPC ships resistance is added to ship templates
  • UPDATED: Faction reputation now properly affects ability to dock at some space stations
  • UPDATED: near death screen warning has different effect and intensity
  • UPDATED: responsiveness of controls while in boost is increased
  • UPDATED: lead on target marker works more precise now
  • UPDATED: loot selection box increased
  • UPDATED: clear definition of crafting results
  • UPDATED: energy capacity for light weapons rebalanced
  • UPDATED: starchart icons for random missions
  • UPDATED: rebalanced NPC heavy weapons usage
  • FIXED: load game panel can now be sorted properly
  • FIXED: purchase and usage of Hyperion wings module doesn't crash the game anymore
  • FIXED: correct VFX is now triggered upon completion of repair missions
  • FIXED: enemy ships will not leave mission area anymore
  • FIXED: destroy missions from barmen work correctly now
  • FIXED: missions to defend objects now work properly without enemies getting stuck and becoming immobile
  • FIXED: waypoints on repair and defend missions will now clear correctly when the mission is done
  • FIXED: Gas extraction VFX now shows correctly even with nebula in the background
  • FIXED: Ships trails don't flicker anymore when changing movement direction
  • FIXED: experience points are now awarded correctly after mission completion
  • FIXED: cruise and cut engines options do not interfere anymore
  • FIXED: Issues with structures, encounters and factions in sector Extera
  • FIXED: Issues with structures, encounters and factions in sector Pyros
  • FIXED: Issues with structures, encounters and factions in sector Caterton
  • FIXED: Issues with structures, encounters and factions in sector Outerlands
  • TWEAKED: NPC ship threat calculation tweaked
  • TWEAKED: basic global encounters updated to take NPC threat calculation properly into account
  • TWEAKED: basic global encounters now take into account player level and the specific map the encounter takes place on
These are the most important changes and additions. We hope the list is sufficient for this festive occasion we call Roadmap Update 3. The long journey through Early Access is now one milestone closer to completion, but there’s still massive work ahead of us! Some of you will also already recognize the improvements to some game elements you've specifically mentioned in your comments and feedback.

Along all of this, we've also tweaked, improved and polished many more details in the previously implemented parts of the game, mostly based on what you good people reported. Feel free to give it a go and see what else has been improved.

In the end, let us reiterate that this update is the third of almost a dozen major Early Access planned updates, and we also fully expect to throw in a number of unplanned updates along the way. The number of these will, in part, depend on what you report to us, and what ideas you throw at us on Steam forum.

Have a nice holiday ahead, and don't hesitate to try out all the goodies we're prepared for you! In space no one can hear your enemy scream!

LGM Games team