Divinity: Original Sin - The Board Game Updates, $1,148,596 and Counting

Proving that the success of Divinity: Original Sin II was anything but a fluke, the Kickstarter campaign for Divinity: Original Sin - The Board Game is currently sitting at $1,148,596 with 9 days left to go. So, let's check out some recent campaign updates and learn a few things about the upcoming board game.

Update #8 details the game's character creation process. Update #9 talks about the Expanded NPCs stretch goal and the rogue-like dungeon game mode. Update #10 introduces the $1m stretch goal and goes over the leveling system, and then update #11 lets us know that the goal has been reached. Finally, the latest update introduces a set of new stretch goals and shares a sneak peek of the game. Check it out:

And here are the new stretch goals:

Greetings, backers! We've returned from PAX Unplugged where quite a few folks got the chance to see Divinity in person and play through a demo scenario. The reception was incredibly positive and it was wonderful to see people getting excited for the game. For those of you who got a chance to try it out, thank you so much for stopping by!

Of course, now it's time to talk about what we have planned for the future of the campaign, as well as the game. We have some more stretch goals to share with you. We will provide more detail about these throughout the rest of the campaign, but at this time, we wanted to provide an overall road-map for the final 10 days of the campaign.

$1,100,000 Stretch Goal - Environmental Effects and Barrelmancy

The good news is...this goal is already unlocked thanks to your support! We will now add the ability to alter the game environment. Previously, all of the interactions were specifically targeting characters or enemies, as opposed to the terrain itself. Now, we've added the ability to alter the terrain with the use of your Skills. For example, consider a lake which provides a significant bonus to fire resistance and a weakness to water. If you target the area with a Fireball Skill, you will be able to change that lake into a steam cloud, altering the effect it has on the units in that area. Adding environmental effects will enable players to control the combat in new and interesting ways, as well as open up the possibility for more frequent friendly-fire incidents.

One of the most popular ways to play with the environment in the videogame is by interacting with barrels, so we decided to include these as well. Not only that, but the classic Divinity tactic of picking up barrels and carrying them around (barrelmancy) is also supported. Just be careful when your character is carrying that giant barrel of oil...

$1,200,000 Stretch Goal - Expanded Crafting, Now with Runes

In addition to adding more crafting recipes, once we hit this stretch goal we will add runes to the game. This is a new mechanic that will enable players to customise their weapons and armour even further, providing just a bit of edge that may be needed to survive that next encounter with a boss. Runes can be added to certain weapons and armour and will modify their abilities.

$1,300,000 Stretch Goal - Miniatures Pack

At this level we will add a new pack of miniatures. This will include several miniatures in a single pack, most of which are characters of great renown. This pack will include chickens, Braccus Rex, Dallis the Hammer, Sir Lora, and yes, the oft-requested Malady.

$1,400,000 Stretch Goal - Nightmare Mode

Once we break this level, we shall include a Nightmare mode to the game for players who want an additional challenge. This mode will be completely optional and is only recommended for players who want a significant challenge in every combat they face.

$1,500,000 Stretch Goal - Character Story Books

And finally, this stretch goal will result in the creation of story books for each individual character. These story books will provide more information about each of the playable characters, split up into sections that get referenced as you play. What you decide to share with others from your own personal story is completely up to you. But these story books will flesh out each of the playable characters and provide unique insights into each character's perspective as you play through the game. In other words, more story, more character depth, and more intrigue.

PAX Unplugged was rewarding for us for a lot of reasons. It gave us a chance to sit down and talk about what stretch goals would make sense for the game, surrounded by so many passionate players and fans. We're really excited to share these with you in the last stretch towards the end of the campaign -- but the work is far from over. We'll dive deeper into these over the coming days. In the meantime, come hang out with us the comments section if you have any questions!