Starpoint Gemini 3 - Gears 'n' Cogs Early Access Update Live

The team over at Little Green Men Games has put together a sizable new update for the Early Access version of their space-action RPG Starpoint Gemini 3. The update introduces a proper crafting system, radiation mechanics, and some enhancements to the game's AI. It also rebalances a good deal of numerical values and even overhauls the flight model. Here's an overview of the new stuff:

You haven't heard from us in a few weeks, but don't worry. We just kept our head down and worked hard on Roadmap update No 2. Along with the planned update elements, we managed to complete a few more things in advance, so a couple of surprises await you!

No more easy pickings dear space captains. Your ship is loaded with missiles? Fine, your adversaries have plenty of decoys and they are not afraid to use them! You're proficient with cut engines maneuvers? Won't help you – enemies will have tricks of their own with new AI and behavior routines. But you're not helpless – to give you a fighting chance, newly introduced crafting system enables you to be creative and engineer a plethora of items and equipment to enhance your survivability.

Your feedback was also noted, and some improvements have been made to existing features as well. Anyway, without further delay – what's in store for our finest captains this time?


One of the pivotal new systems is crafting. You acquired a dirty amount of credits, but you simply aren't happy with any of the items available at the drydock? Wait no more! Now you can gather blueprints and materials to craft those hard to acquire equipment and weapons.
  • Collect blueprints from destroyed ships (will be further improved with updates to open up additional ways to gain blueprints)
  • All items in the game (with some exceptions) are in some form linked into the crafting system, either as an ingredient or as a craftable item on its own
  • Create anything from better (more complex) items to equipment and weapons
Radiation mechanics

Some of the above mentioned additional gear could come in handy when traveling through dangerous areas, because this update also introduces the radiation mechanics. That’s right! A nanoscrubber a day, keeps death away, as my mechanic used to say.
  • rather important visual warnings will scream at you
  • gameplay effects come in the form of lighter or heavier critical system failures before your hull starts to crumble on a molecular level (yeah… stay radiated long enough and you’ll be a deader)
  • added radiation areas in all sectors
  • added VFX & SFX to complement the gameplay effect
  • added in a bonus of Nanoscrubber equipment to clean that radiation right off. Like a hot shower that removes residual radiation without actually cleaning you… so… yeah… not really like a hot shower. *scours away to find a better-suiting analogy*
AI, behavior and the untold story of the Terminator mindset

To keep a perfectly balanced equilibrium, as all things should be, we've also „equipped“ your adversaries too! AI, both friendly and hostile, received a fresh batch of AI routines. Don’t be surprised if the enemy suddenly drops a mine in your face to ward off any of those nasty ideas you had about destroying him. As far as the untold story in the subtitle goes, it will remain untold :P.
  • Besides coming in all types of ships, the NPCs now also come with a whole range of different behaviors. Some are more aggressive, some lean more on the defensive side. Some like to keep close to you, like an over-clinging ex, while others will keep their distance like you have the plague.
  • AI will now utilize a bunch of different flight maneuvers to gain the upper hand when attacking or to get away when they’re in your sights.
  • AI becomes increasingly more complex as you progress through the game.
  • NPCs will now use decoys to avoid getting hit by missiles. Of course, not all and not all the time
  • NPCs can now drop mines when their ships or egos are threatened
Moving on…

The previously implemented portion of the campaign also got a fresh coat of paint (and then some) in its upgrade process, but most of the changes in this update will be visible in the freeroam portion. The focus of this update is enriching the gameplay, giving You, the players more to do and ways to do it. Many elements of this update are also a prerequisite for some of the upcoming gameplay mechanics, planned to be rolled out with next update!

Almost forgot about how we…

…rebalanced the hell out of a lot of things
  • different wings now have a different number of turret slots.
  • player ship hull module HP increased significantly
  • player ship shield module HP increased significantly
  • player weapon energy cost increased somewhat (in some cases significantly)
  • overall weapon damage increased (smaller increase with scatterguns as they were OP to begin with)
  • Player shield recharge increased
  • Player shield reboot time reduced
  • higher tier NPCs deal significantly more damage
  • higher tier NPCs have significantly stronger hulls and shields
  • Freelance jobs are paid a lot better. A number of changes and a major rebalance overhaul are coming in the next few updates!
  • Loot drop value is increased across the board.
  • boost speed decreased and now varies depending on the engine installed
  • cruise speed decreased to 300 for all ships
  • player ship modules prices
…oh and also how we…

…overhauled the entire flight model
  • A number of booster and cut engines tweaks and upgrades
  • Completely rebalanced flight-related stats (much faster lateral and backwards movement for example)
  • Added a few missing controls and made a lot of overall quality-of-life improvements