Dungeons & Dragons Online Update 44: Keep on the Borderlands Released

Update 44 for Standing Stone Games' long-running MMORPG Dungeons & Dragons Online is now live. The update's main attraction is Keep on the Borderlands, a classic D&D module originally created by Gary Gygax. As part of Dungeons & Dragons Online, this module will expand the game with 8 new dungeons and an open adventure area.

On top of the new module, the update also adds rideable mounts, new items, and the usual assortment of fixes and improvements. The link above has the complete update notes, and here's a quick overview of the new stuff:

Keep on the Borderlands

DDO debuts its newest classic pack with the release of Keep on the Borderlands!
  • 8 New Dungeons
  • New Adventure Area
  • New Public Space
  • New Named Loot
  • Mounts
Keep on the Borderlands is FREE to VIPs and Season Pass holders, and is available in the DDO Store as well. The quests are levels 1 and 2 on Heroic, and levels 21 and 22 on Epic. Find Kregan the Gatekeeper in the Hall of Heroes or near the Grotto exit on Korthos Island to get started!

Keep on the Borderlands Bonus Items

In addition to the Keep on the Borderlands adventure pack, a collection of bonus items is available for Update 44. Find them in the Adventure Packs > Low Level section of the DDO Store. The bonus item pack can be purchased separately, whether you already own the pack or are VIP. A set of items to complement the Keep on the Borderlands Adventure Pack including the Borderlands Warrior cosmetic set (A Helm, Cloak, Longsword, Shield, and Armor), a Small Wonderous Mount Bag, and the Steed of the Borderlands. All of the items will be delivered to each character on your account in a bundle. The Cosmetics and Mount are all Bound to Account while the Bag is Bound to Character. Note: The Keep on the Borderlands Bonus Items does not grant access to the Keep on the Borderlands adventure pack.


Mounts for player characters have been added to DDO! Mounts can be summoned via items kept in your characters' inventories. While mounted, the player characters' movement speed is replaced with the movement speed of the mount (VIP speed bonus still applies while mounted). Mounts may be used in Public Areas and Wilderness Adventure Areas. Characters may not engage in combat while mounted, and being damaged while mounted has a chance to dismount the character. Mounts come in two varieties: Normal which moves at 180% the base character run speed and Fast which moves at 200% the base character run speed. Players may dismount at any time by pressing the “block” key (defaults to left shift). Players may gain access to mounts in a variety of ways:
  • Exchanging Quaal Feather Tokens (found in the Keep on the Borderlands adventure pack) with Quaal of Vesve in the Keep on the Borderlands public area for one of 4 different variations of Normal speed mounts. These normal speed mounts can be upgraded to Fast Speed mounts by turning in an “Enchanted Horseshoe” to Quaal of Vesve. Enchanted Horseshoe’s have a rare chance of dropping in the chests of the Epic variants of Keep on the Borderlands dungeons.
  • There are two Fast Mounts available with a roll of at least 96 on Gold Daily Dice rolls.
  • The Keep on the Borderlands Bonus Items bundle includes the Fast Mount “Steed of the Borderlands” which will be delivered to every character on the account of a player who has purchased the bundle.