System Shock Remastered Edition Update #62

The latest development update for Nightdive Studios' System Shock Remastered Edition has plenty to show and not a lot to tell. So, if you'd like to check out some short in-engine video snippets, character models and concept art, you should click the link above. Here's some text to let you know what to expect:

Welcome back to another monthly System Shock update!

We have quite a variety of things to show you this month, hackers. Let's start with some in-engine views of the levels.

Characters Update

Here is an update on the Virus Mutant enemy, one of the most abjectly disgusting creatures on Citadel Station.

Getting started, we have some samples of his sprites from the original game.

He even managed to make an appearance in the title screen!

Then we have Robb's update for the remake. The final design underwent a lot of tweaks to visually tie him more to the non-viral Humanoids, but this concept was the primary guide to his overall look.

We showed the hi-poly model of the Virus Mutant in a previous update, but here's the final low-poly topology along with some untextured renderings from within 3d Studio Max.

And some images of the Virus Mutant in Substance Painter, along with his UV layout. To keep with our chunky, retro-themed texture style, the Viral Mutant, like most of our human-sized characters, fits within a single 512x512 texture.

Also, here are some untextured shots of the final topology for the Cyborg Assassin, whose UVs are currently being finalized. Due to his sheer amount of gear and implants, the model's surface area is large enough to justify getting a 1024x1024 texture.

Concept Corner

During these updates, we like to show you the amazing concept work from Robb Water's before we get into the nitty-gritty of it coming together in-engine.

Shown above is a sneak peek into what you will be seeing in the upcoming updates for the Systems Engineering level! One thing that is great to appreciate is the mood and coloring of moving between the levels of Citadel Station.

Now that you have seen the final Virus Mutant model, why not start to picture this lovely mutant, the Cyborg Mutant.

One of the great things about bringing Citadel Station to life into a modern engine is that we can create the larger props and bots that were not possible in the 90's. The lift bot only makes sense for immersive world-building!