Diablo IV Skill Reveals and Gameplay Videos

Having visited this year's announcement-rich Blizzcon, the folks over at Game Informer plan to fill the month of November with plenty of exclusive features dedicated to all the latest Blizzard reveals. Their early articles have been focusing on Diablo IV, with some Overwatch 2-related stuff thrown in there for good measure. With that in mind, let's read up on Diablo IV's Druid, Sorceress, and Barbarian skills, check out some fresh concept art, and then watch some hands-on Barbarian gameplay:

And follow that up with a look at the Sorceress:

The concept art article linked above also features some quotes from the game's developers. A few examples:

On the darker tone: “I was really excited about the opportunity to do a really medieval-feeling world and setting. We started with going back to the source of what makes medieval fantasy cool. When you think about demons and angels and mankind in the middle of this conflict, it’s rooted in our own history, so we went back and looked at a lot of medieval art and armor and weapons … We wanted to craft like a medieval masterpiece. We wanted it to feel like something that came from this time. It’s kind of like European folklore.” – art director John Mueller

On comparisons to previous games: “You look at the class lineup in Diablo II, and that thing is amazing. Every Diablo game could have that class lineup and be good forever. You look at the combat that is in Diablo III, and even though there are newer games out there, the second I play a new season in Diablo III I’m back in. Diablo I, for as old as it is and as long ago that I played it, there are moments that are just burned into the back of my mind. I couldn’t tell you how any RPG from that time ended, but I can tell you how Diablo I ended.” – game director Luis Barriga

On mounted travel: “This is a big world RPG. We looked at all of our favorite open-world games and they all have a mount or a mount equivalent. We were thinking how would mounts work in Diablo. One of our mantras is that it has to be gothic, medieval, and dark, and you can’t get much more medieval than a horse. To me, it’s such a slam dunk. In Diablo you customize through items, so that’s the route we’re taking. You have mount armor, barding, tabbards, horseshoes, and trophies. One of the trophies we have is super cool – It’s the head of a demon.” – game director Luis Barriga