ATOM RPG - Trudograd Expansion Screenshots, Patch v1.1092 Available

The standalone Trudograd expansion for the post-apocalyptic Fallout-inspired ATOM RPG is expected to launch sometime in early 2020. Set two years after the events of the original game, the expansion will task you with finding a legendary pre-war weapon and will allow you to continue your old save files. If that sounds intriguing, you can now check out some Trudograd screenshots on Twitter. Have a look:

On top of that, the main game has recently received a new patch that fixes some minor bugs, adds a few new weapon modifications, improves the game's grass graphics, and more. Here are the patch notes:

Hello, friends!

Here's another small patch to fix the bugs we found last time.

Along these fixes we're posting eight new weapon mods you, our community, has asked for. There is now a way to modify your weapon through found parts.

Thank you for continuing to give us great ideas! Let there be ATOM!

  • Added 8 new modifications for some weapons;
  • Better grass graphics;
  • Character animation bugs (rare)
  • Added camera positioning in dialogues;
  • New point marker added;
  • Rare bug with item count fixed;
  • Isometric mode cutscene bug fixed;
  • Sand storm's effect on character fixed;
  • F and V keys now zoom camera in and out;
  • New animations for wolves;
  • And many more minor fixes.