System Shock Remastered Edition Update #61

This month's development update for System Shock Remastered Edition is packed with screenshots and concept art. It starts by sharing a number of character models for the monsters we'll be encountering while exploring the Citadel station, and then it showcases a couple of items. The update then directs us to this recent episode of the Nintendo Duel Screens podcast featuring Nightdive Studios' CEO Stephen Kick.

Here are the text parts:

On Citadel, no one can hear you scream...

As you work your way through Citadel and through SHODAN's creations, don't forget that you are in Saturn's orbit. Outside you will be able to view Saturn with real-time lighting within an unlit shader, so you will be able to see the Sun's rotation and the lighting changes.

Character Art

On the character art front, we have some more examples of low-poly models textured in the chunky, low-res style we demonstrated last month. Here’s a few shots of each in Substance Painter along with their UV layouts.

The upgraded male Humanoid Mutant in his natural state. Most Humanoids will be encountered wearing ruined crew uniforms, but there will be rare instances of naked specimens for added visual variety.

Here is the female Humanoid Mutant, who is apparently a bit more modest than her male counterpart.

The Invisomutant! Much of this creature’s look will be dependent on in-engine shaders and effects, but here is a glimpse of its raw textured state with some simple emissive and opacity maps applied.

Robb Waters’s concept work for the Invisomutant, who now combines elements of the original Invisomutant and the Zero-G mutant into one enemy type.

The Autobomb, now redesigned as a sleek and glossy delivery system of death.

Next, revised and tweaked version of the Cyborg Drone we showed a few months ago, with an improved UV layout that better supports our visual style.

Lastly, the Cyborg Surgeon, here to assist Citadel crewmembers on their SHODAN-mandated Transhumanist journey!

Concept Art

Ready for some sick jumps to impress SHODAN? Well here is a first look at the Turbo Boots and Jump Jets!

Maybe the X Games will make a BIG come back in the future.

Above we have Robb's concept on the Data Reader, while below we have it in action.

Studios News

CEO Stephen Kick guested on the Nintendo Duel Screen podcast this week, give it a listen:

Click to listen!