Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones First Update Available

Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones, a Lovecraftian RPG developed by Cultic Games, was released a few days back and can already boast a couple of updates. The first of those fixes a respectable number of bugs, and then the second one deals with a new issue introduced by the first. You can find the patch notes for the bigger update below, along with an overview of some features the developers plan to add to the game in the near future, including the crucial “save anywhere” feature:

Greetings to you all!

It has been an incredibly wild ride, these four days... We have listened, analyzed and discussed a LOT. We have been humbled by your outstanding interest but also learned a lot of lessons and still do in the process. We are collecting tons of feedback provided by you, which is extremely helpful as it allows us to improve the game.

We'd like to announce that we have released our very first patch, which will solve some major issues such as resolution issues on Mac computers, companions not being able to craft, a common and nasty reload (R hotkey) bug and others. You will find the complete list of the fixes at the end of this message.

We will also be releasing another update tomorrow and have plans for more coming in the upcoming days. Including improving Spanish and Chinese localization!

We have started working on a 'save anywhere' feature which will be accompanied by the familiar autosave and story save slots. It will arrive in the future patches when we're done testing it.

We will work on speeding up the combat but some blockers that you have addressed are our top priority at the moment.

We know that some of you really enjoy the veil of mystery on some of the game's mechanics but for our other players we'll pretty soon have a game guide that teaches about some of our systems in depth.

One last thing, ladies and gentlemen: Stygian is a labor of love for us and it is priceless to see that you feel so strong about our game. Rest assured that we want you to live this experience as deep and as immersive as it could get, as it was the fundamental idea all along. Of course, during our testing process we have identified plenty of bugs and issues that we were able to solve before the release, but the game’s complexity and the number of variables in place make it difficult for an indie team to process them all but we've also never had thousands of curious players reporting all of these to us before.

Now we do.

And we will work on them.

And we will do our bests to carry this game as close to your expectations as it can get.

Until we meet again in one of the forgotten alleys of our doomed Arkham.

Team Cultic

Changelog v1.0.3:

  • Credits video
  • Improve inventory active handset sync after combat
  • Companions can also perform crafting now
  • Fix combat logs that are appearing on Desktop.
  • MacOS Retina resolution issues
  • Fix dropdown does not read display resolutions in settings
  • Winston and Wilkins spawned in the attic even they are killed
  • Character Creator summary screen placeholder text removed
  • Chinese Look-At pop-up display time fixed
  • Fix tough characters’ throwable issue
  • Fix dead enemies being looted after combat ends
  • Isidore's challenge UI must be inactivated if TheBankOfLunatics is active
  • Fix reload shortcut “R” not working / blocking the game
  • Sonia Greene Carter intro dialogue 2 token
  • Grimoire HP Cost Display Issue
  • Blood Circle wrong spell cost description (numeric)
  • If an equipped item is not present in inventory, causes soft lock after trading
  • Outsider Cutscene Issue In Old Eel Attic