Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem - Wrath of Sarisel Area Alterations and Skill Modifiers

Wrath of Sarisel, the next big content update for SolarFall Games' hack 'n' slash action-RPG Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, will introduce some additional challenge to the game by adding a series of multiplayer-focused area alterations. These alterations will add various modifiers to the game's Expeditions along with some Nemesis system-like mechanics. More on that:

Hello everyone!

It is now time to introduce the Expedition improvements brought by the Wrath of Sarisel Content Patch. As we explained in a previous update, the Sarisel challenges are principally focused on Multiplayer cooperation and will require strategy. We wanted it to be available for solo players too, but the main focus of this feature is to experiment with advanced Cooperative content in the universe of Wolcen, using AI technology inspired by survival games.

Wrath of Sarisel is an ambitious experiment and we want it to be an awesome cooperative experience. We will be very interested in your feedback to improve it for the release of the game in January 2020.


To access the Wrath of Sarisel challenge, you will need to add several area alterations to an Expedition. Each one will add more difficulty and, of course, increase the chance of epic rewards at the end of the challenge.

Once you launch an altered dungeon and activate Wrath of Sarisel, you and your party will enter a randomly generated area with the selected alterations. In there, you’ll have a chance to be attacked by Sarisel’s half breeds along the way, appearing when you least expect it. Once engaged in this specific challenge, unlike for other Expeditions(even modified by an area alteration), you won’t have any loot until you complete the dungeon. Finally, like in any other Expedition, there is no way to retreat and teleport back to town.

The half breeds you’ll meet there have complex attack patterns, and their damage are also based on your lowest Resistance score, which makes them quite fearsome opponents. You will need strategy and fast reflexes to defeat them.

Area Alterations

Choosing an area alteration will always increase the chance of finding better loot. However, it will also make the dungeon harder to complete.

We’ve shared an example of an area alteration in the Gamescom video.

In this situation, the alteration regularly affects all players with a time bomb, triggering an explosion after a few moments. Of course, you have to make sure that you won’t explode your whole party or jump on a friend who’s about to explode at risk of taking colossal damage.

Here are a few examples of additional alterations you’ll be able to apply to an area:
  • Enemies have X% chance to explode after X seconds on kill
  • Enemies have a chance to spawn X underlings from their family on kill
  • Lieutenant and Elite enemies have 1 additional Boss modifier
  • Enemies have X% chance to inflict one type of stacking ailment
  • And more...
Face Your Nemesis

When a party member is killed, the creature who gave the last hit becomes a Nemesis for the entire group. This implies several things:
  • The creature’s Health is fully regenerated and all ailments affecting it are cleansed.
  • The creature gets stronger and it is granted an additional Boss Modifier for each player killed.
  • You can’t revive the player who was killed by the Nemesis as long as the Nemesis stands.
Victory Screen

Completing a Sarisel dungeon leads you to a victory screen full of information. Depending on your efficiency, you will receive a team rank, and this rank will affect the quality of the rewards you will receive. This is still a work in progress but here is a first version of the Sarisel Victory screen.

Ranks will depend on several factors linked to your party performance and your own. The victory screen will also allow you to see your overall performance during the dungeon.


Finishing a Sarisel dungeon will grant you Experience, Gold, Primordial Affinity, and most importantly, awesome items with unique affixes only available in this challenge for the moment. Later, these affixes will also be available for solo content, through crafting or other ways, but currently we want to encourage players to play this mode if they want to obtain them.

Also, in order to allow players to make the fastest dungeon, you won’t have loot during your exploration, but you will be rewarded twice at the end: once with a chest, and once more after the dungeon with the Victory screen.

Depending on the difficulty of the dungeon and the rank achieved, the Victory screen can add up to 5 rewards. Here are two examples of rewards that you can have in these dungeons, just keep in mind that the values are not final yet[...] We hope that you are as excited as we are regarding this new challenge mode. The Wrath of Sarisel Content Patch is planned for late September/early October, just a few weeks away!

Thank you for your support!

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