Divinity: Original Sin II “Larian Studios Breaks Into Valve” Video Diary

Earlier this month, Larian Studios brought their award-winning CRPG Divinity: Original Sin II to Nintendo Switch. One of the standout features of this unexpected port was seamless cross-save compatibility between the game's Steam and Switch versions. And now, those of you who enjoy Swen Vincke's antics and Larian's humorous video diaries can watch a slightly exaggerated reenactment of how Larian Studios managed to pull it off. You can expect Swen in his signature suit of armor, some fun with portals, and a cake that is decidedly not a lie. Check it out:

The video's accompanying Kickstarter update shares some additional details, credits the team at BlitWorks for their work on the Switch port, talks about the recent free “Gift Bag” DLC for the game, and invites us to subscribe to the Larian Gazette newsletter. Have a look:

Science and magic hash it out in the second issue of the Larian Gazette. We’ve got headlines, if you’ve got time.

First up, Divinity: Original Sin 2, our critically acclaimed RPG, is now released on Switch to another round of awards and praise. The reception has been very good with Gamespot hailing it as one of the best games on Switch with a 10/10 score, and USgamer is calling it “a masterpiece of role-playing, wherever you go.”

Divinity: Original Sin 2 launched on the Nintendo Switch with the completely unique feature that allows players to share their Steam save files between PC and their Switch, seamlessly and as often as they like.

The Gazette is pleased to report that it has obtained footage of what can only be referred to as a very daring and epic heist, one that saw the worlds of magic and science collide! That’s right, dear readers, Larian broke into Valve to make the unimaginable possible!

Watch as Baldur’s Gate 3 and Divinity: Original Sin 2 Creative Director Swen Vinke stealthily (he thinks) infiltrates the home of Portal, Index, and of course, your entire collection of PC games. See things you weren’t supposed to see, and some things you wish you never had!

You heard it here first! Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition will be the first game featuring cross-save compatibility between Switch and Steam. That means you can store your saves on the Cloud when playing at home and continue your adventure on the road on Switch. As one source within Larian indicated, "It took some true heroes at Valve and Nintendo to make this happen. And let’s not forget our partner Blitworks who made work very hard to make this port possible. A hearty thanks to everyone!."

If you aren’t familiar with Divinity: Original Sin 2, it was Kickstarted in 2015 and thanks to the support of 45k backers, it began a fantastic journey across PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 before finally landing on the Switch in 2019 on September 4th. (For the complete history of Divinity: Original Sin 2, go here)

Gift Bag 2

In a show of embarrassing excess, Larian also released a brand new Gift Bag on all platforms, in celebration of the Switch release.

Gift Bag 2: Song of Nature contains six new additions to D:OS2 on all platforms that will help to enrich your adventures in Rivellon:

Crafter's Kit: Plenty of new recipes and unique items to craft!

Endless Runner: Find a new icon in your Hotbar to toggle sprint on and off. Sprint increases the movement speed of your party.

Animal Empathy: Allows all player characters to talk to animals without having to spend a talent point. Changes Pet Pal talent to grant maximum positive attitude in all conversations with animals.

Fort Joy Magic Mirror: Manifests a Magic Mirror in the Arena of Fort Joy, along with a new Character Creation level. This allows you to respec before moving on to the next act of the game.

8 Action Points: Increases the base maximum Action Points of hero characters to 8.

Herb Gardens: Plant your own herb garden! Take any herb and combine it with a bucket to create a seedling. Then place your seedling in the ground and watch it grow.

All Gift Bag content is automatically enabled, but to play with modifications you'll have to manually apply each one to your game. You can do this via the in-game Larian Modifications menu--find it when you start a game or load your save game. But be warned! If you choose to play with modifications, achievements will be turned off.

Divinity Dice Set

The Divinity: Original Sin 2 Dice Set proved to be a popular item at PAX West, selling out on the second day. Made with excellence by the Q-Workshop team, these dice are a distractingly attractive addition to tabletop games. Their worldwide release will be coming soon-- beware Larian's socials for this sin against tabletop austerity.

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