Starpoint Gemini 3 Preview

Starpoint Gemini 3, Little Green Men Games' upcoming open world space-action RPG, will be launching into Steam Early Access on September 5, 2019. And if you'd like to learn a thing or two about this game ahead of that in order to figure out if it's something that might interest you, there's now this RPG Watch preview that offers a detailed breakdown of the game's major features. A few sample paragraphs:

When you advance in the game you advance both your main character and your ship. The ship has an AI companion, which serves as a co-pilot and helps you on your travels. By fighting battles, exploring the universe and trade resources, you can gain various materials, money and experience. The latter can be used to unlock skills and perks, which can help you in both exploration and combat. The many passive skills the game has will help with the tasks that the ships has, like repairs, but also in combat, like improving your skills with a certain weapon.

As you explore the universe you can salvage derelicts and get materials from them. All the items in the universe you can find are hand placed. Once you have collected the materials they can be processed into components, such as chips, antennas and other smaller items. You do need blueprints to be able to do that, which you can find while exploring the universe and by finishing quests. Once you've learned how to process materials, you can process them further into things like rockets and nano bots, which are far more expensive. The processing can take place in your own ship. However, you cannot process large items there, like wings for the ship or propulsion systems.

The ship can be equipped with all sort of weapons and as you have full control of how you build your ship, it most likely will be different from ships other players might have. The stats of the ship will change depending on the modules that have been added to the ship. You could create a ship that is very maneuverable or a ship that can take a lot of damage, or has a lot of fire power. You can also customize the way your ship looks. The choice is yours.