ATOM RPG - Gamepad Support Added

Even though AtomTeam is currently focusing on the upcoming standalone Trudograd expansion for their post-apocalyptic ATOM RPG, the base game is still getting updates from time to time. The latest one for example, along with the usual bug fixes, added controller support to the game. Here's a quick video that showcases the game's controller support in a sample fight:

And here's how it's going to be used during exploration:

Some additional details and the latest patch notes:

Hello, friends!

Today is the day we publish the 1.108 patch. However, bugfixes which are listed below, are not everything this new version holds. We also supplied it with the first iteration of gamepad compatibility, just like some of you asked us! After the update installs, press any gamepad button on the main menu screen, or pick the controller in the options menu to activate it.

Work on Trudograd continues, and soon we'll update you all with screenshots and info about the standalone addon.

Thanks you for reading.

  • Added first version of controller support;
  • Fixed random encounters in Dead City;
  • Fixed a visual bug on the character screen;
  • Fixed Maxim Kalosha quest;
  • Fixed throwing knives not appearing in the hand properly;
  • Fixed logic error in Artemyev's room;
  • Fixed three bug packs in locations: Factory, Waterfall, Container yard;
  • Dzhulbars' perk bug fixed;
  • Follower AI fixed, as was the bug that added evasion to them without reason;
  • Sveta Earwig dialogue bug fixed;
  • Blinding effect's bug fixed;
  • Sequence breaking if turn is ended by taking off clothes fixed;
  • Follower's bodies are now highlighted even when wearing Kikimora suits;
  • Various minor bugs fixed;
+ Update 1.1081
  • Reworked most minimaps and added new ones;
  • Turn ends on button hold when playing with a gamepad, to lessen risk of doing it by accident;
  • Fixed player freezing over on entrance to location;
  • Fixed the RPK model;
  • Reworked new interface sounds;