System Shock Remastered Edition Update #59

Those of you following the development of Nightdive Studios' System Shock Remastered Edition should by now be familiar with its predominantly visual Kickstarter updates. The latest one doesn't break this mold, but that doesn't stop it from featuring some neat things, like a look at the game's bathrooms, or a preview for one of its GamePig minigames.

Be sure to check those out, and here's a few bits on the game's enemy design:

Character Design

Here are some concept and work in progress models for the Protoborgs, yet-unprocessed Citadel crew members awaiting full cyberconversion. Whether a thrall of Shodan or a minion of Trioptimum, all cybernetic humans are marked by bio-mechanical circuitry running within the connective fascia tissue beneath their skin. Male and female protoborgs can be found in coma-like stasis around the Medical level, and their bodies are also the organic base for cyborg enemies such as the Drone, Enforcer, Elite and Assassin.


An update to the hood for the Cyborg Assassin. Robb decided that tucking the visor under the hood made its presence too subtle, so we’ve opted to install it over the hood to better evoke the iconic look of the original.