Prey: Mooncrash - Resetting the Immersive Simulation GDC Talk

Richard Wilson, Arkane Studios' lead level designer, attended this year's GDC where he gave a talk entitled “Mooncrash: Resetting the Immersive Simulation.” The talk revolved around the idea of introducing some roguelike elements to an "immersive sim" game, such as Arkane's Prey. We already had a chance to check out a summary of that talk, but now, we can also watch it in its entirety.

Here it is:

In this 2019 GDC talk, Arkane Studios' Rich Wilson dissects Prey: Mooncrash to extract useful development lessons, including what it takes to motivate a team to break form, what you can learn by dismantling your existing mechanics, and how you can integrate other genres into your game to breathe life into it.