GB Feature: Tower of Time Review

Our latest critique takes us into real-time-with-pause and party-based CRPG territory, as we've just published a full three-page review of Event Horizon's 2018 offering, Tower of Time. A couple of paragraphs to give you a sense of what to expect:
When it comes to actually playing the game, the majority of your time will be spent exploring the expansive caverns and narrow corridors of a mysterious tower. Your main goal will always be reaching the tower's lowest floor, but along the way you'll get a chance to deal with an undead crisis, solve a series of magical trials, and even visit another dimension. All of this is very well represented by the game's visuals that go from dimly lit caves and medieval halls to futuristic golem factories and shiny metal walls.

Each floor has a theme and a series of quests associated with that theme. And while the game progresses in a more or less linear fashion, each floor has numerous side activities you may wish to undertake, a simplistic puzzle or two for you to solve, and quite a few secret passages to uncover. Overall, this combination of activities creates a satisfying dungeon-crawling experience, though it does have its share of issues.