Conglomerate 451 Early Access Release Date Announced

RuneHeads and 1C Entertainment will launch Conglomerate 451, their cyberpunk dungeon crawler with roguelike elements, into Steam Early Access on May 23, 2019. The game will offer you an endless supply of procedurally-generated levels, an assortment of cyber implants and body mods to experiment with, and a cyberspace hacking system. Here's a fresh trailer that lets you know what to expect:

Set in a city overrun with corrupt corporations, assemble a squad of cloned agents in a bid to restore order to sector 451. From altering your agents’ DNA and installing ability-granting neural implants, to equipping them with powerful cyberlimbs and literally hacking the world around you mid-conflict, you’ll need to take every advantage you can get. Not only will agents lost in battle lose all their previous progress, starting again as a fresh clone, but even basic wounds can have a lasting impact on your agents, evolving into permanent disadvantages.