Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Update #96 - Content Patch 1 Progression and Release Date

According to the latest Kickstarter update for Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, the major "Content Patch 1" for the Early Access version of the game should be going live on June 13, 2019. Apart from sharing this piece of news, the update brings us a brief progress report and a series of fresh screenshots and animations. Here are the text parts:

Hello everyone!

Like every week, we want to keep you informed on the progression of Content Patch 1 and the overall development of the game.

Content Patch 1 additional environments

We are adding three new areas for Content Patch 1/Act I.

Burning camp

Coast of Wrecks

Random dungeon Forest

We heard your feedback regarding the lack of light in environments, so we wanted to add an environment with much more daylight and wild creatures. This environment will be available in the story mode and in expeditions as a new random dungeon.

Skill modifiers progression

We’ve selected three new modifiers to show you this week :) Keep in mind that these previews are always showing a work in progress.

Toxic annihilation

We’ve added a toxic damage modifier to Annihilation.

Shadow’s Flurry

We’ve added a Shadow modifier to Slayer’s Flurry.

Winter’s Call

We’ve added the possibility to cast Winter’s Grasp under the cursor.

Release date for Content Patch 1

The internal date for Content Patch 1 release was set to May 30th. After reviewing our progress and considering the amount of work still needed for the 20 cutscenes and 46 dynamic scenes associated with the Act I, we have decided to set the release date for Content Patch 1 to June 13, 2019. We want to offer you a good game experience and not just settle with an overall “good enough”.

We plan to use this additional time to make the game experience even better by adding a professional voice over for the English version.

Content Patch 1 is a very important release for us and we want to make things right.

Once again, we want to thank you for your support :) See you next week for more information about our progress!