Dungeons & Dragons Online: Masterminds of Sharn Released

Standing Stone Games ushered in the fourth expansion pack for Dungeons & Dragons Online today, officially taking us and our characters to Sharn, the City of Towers. The add-on includes 17 new adventures, a new adventure zone (The Cogs), minor artifacts, and two new raids, but because it was released as Update 42, that also means that there are a bevy of patch notes - both related and unrelated to the new content - to read through. Here is the teaser:
Discover the mysteries of Sharn! Explore one of the most iconic locations in the Dungeons & Dragons Eberron campaign setting, navigate the power struggles between the rich and powerful as you hunt from the highest towers of the city to the deepest depths of the Cogs.

Players can begin their journey to Sharn through a transport NPC in The Harbor of Stormreach or by using the Boarding Pass available in the Ultimate Edition of the Masterminds of Sharn expansion. Includes nine Story Dungeons, eight Explorer Dungeons, one Explorer Area, and two raids (NOTE: Only one raid is releasing with Update 42. The second raid will be released later this year.)