ATOM RPG 1.1 Update Preview

AtomTeam's post-apocalyptic Fallout-inspired ATOM RPG will be getting a sizable new update on May 29, 2019. Despite the game being fully released, the update is going to introduce plenty of new locations, characters, quests, and items, alongside the usual assortment of fixes and improvements. The link above shares a number of fresh screenshots, and here's what you can expect from the update:

Hi, guys!

As you know, work on the big new update for ATOM continues for more than a month now. There's still a lot to do before we're through, but we finally decided on the publishing date. The update will hit Steam on May 29th. We will post the full change log on the same date. Meanwhile, here are some of the highlights of the upcoming update:
  • Added lots of new locations to the Dead City - both above ground and below;
  • Fixed and updated a lot of animations, sounds, portraits, loading screens;
  • Added tens of new characters;
  • New monsters;
  • Added tons of new various quests;
  • Added new armors and weapons;
  • Lots of small fixes here and there and many more!
See you on the 29th, guys! Thanks for sticking with us.